They are made up of seven sets of triangles, six of which are the legs, and because they were designed to join together in various configurations for use in the series of different events that were happening as part of the month long exhibition, they formed a dense forest underneath the smooth surface of the table-top -the kind of space that I would have adored crawling around in as a child while the adults were eating or doing whatever above- but always with enough space for comfortable seating with one's legs under the table. They were also at certain moments distributed individually around the edges of the room, displaying models and pieces of sculpture, or used as desks for individuals to work on.

The techniques I used to make them were very simple, the main thing being to put everything together without the use of screws or nails, so dowels and clamps were employed extensively... All the photos of individual tables are of the first prototype, blemishes, imperfections and all.

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