Arcadian Drift


A video installation (large projection with surround sound speakers) commissioned as part of the Visionary Trading Project, Hackney, with the support of the Arts Council England, the National Lottery, and Resonance FM.


The text is a collaboration for a film by Ilona Dorota Sagar(sound by Doug Haywood), creating a gentle dreamscape set in London Fields and Broadway Market, constructed entirely out of language taken from advertisements for gentrification housing developments in the area, and variously footage of found scenes of people in the park and market at various times of day and week, as well as partially constructed moments within the same territories. The film weaves a quiet montage of constructed and documentary scenes from around London Fields and Broadway Market, together with a voiceover that tells a tale spoken through a collage of buzzwords taken from advertising material for new housing developments in the area.

Below is the text:

This is?our?stage;?We?are the set; It?s nothing without?us.
It?s?vibrant?when we?re here, and when we?re here we?re?buzzing.
We?look?distinctly contemporary, and each look we get is?spectacularlynew.
We are dynamic?creatives, well-adjusted living, clean, modern,?simplicity.
We?shine, clean and new,?breath-taking flagships-of-ourselves,
The bespoke measure of our?many, fashionable attributes,
bustling with?world-class,?real?friction.
Nostalgic-chic?is?the?vintage-new, and we want?unique,
Disconnect of?brushed-steel,?24-hour, red-brick-?heritage.?Plucked and fragrant.
A pure and natural,?home-baked-innocence,?
With?graceful proportions,?and?superb specifications.
We have?distinctly-dramatic,?spectacular- tranquillity,
Superbly packaged?identity-specifications, and?lush-green dramatic-schemes.
Pioneering bespoke-culture?of?bright-young- things,
With our?bucolic, cosmopolitan-chic. Watch?us, watch?you.
We are energized?products?of?renowned, home-made, elegant cafes,
and?i-phone-footage?catwalk-parades, in?understated, state-of-the-art.
It?s?more?than a?feeling.
We glide?dynamically,?into?edgily-packaged,?genuine, cosmopolitan-debt,
featured in?urban-village-galleries?and?ethnic-sweatshop-global-magazines,
from?the unrivalled-creative-glamour?of?emptied traditions.
We are the?newly-arcadian-creatives,?buzzing?with?world-class pastoral-technology-specifications, many fashionably?homemade caf?-utopias,radical cosmopolitan-innocence,?spectacularly-tranquil avant-garde delights, and?brand-new flagship-heritage.
We are?quick?with the?seductive anxiety of non-stop 24-hour-reinvention, and?vibrant-contrasting exhaustion, running,?endlessly-perfect bright-young-things?with the burden of?internationally-renowned-bodies, wearing?breath-taking,?cutting-edge, and?distinctly-urban-culture.
We are acting the?bespoke-measure of our many trend-setting spontaneous-designer-initiatives, and watching the buzz in?urban-village-galleries?that multiply our?organic-corner-shop bike-repair-innocence, until the?dynamic-creative-mechanism?is too?anxiously-energized?with?chic lifestyles?and each look we get is?exhausting?and we feel,?genuinely feel, spectacularly, really?spectacularly,?breathtakingly,?dramatically?????a u t h e n t I c

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