Croydon Collage


A commission from Croydon Council to create artwork for their 2018 Local Plan

Croydon has the most astonishing variety of architectures from every period, brought together in an incredibly varied urban environment that has everything from the most space-age, optimistic high-rises of the 1960s, to the most elegant of Edwardian parks, the most forward-looking suburbia of the 1930s, the sharpest glass skyscrapers of the 21st century, and the most elegant of Victorian virtuosity in brick. Taking some of the many fine examples, and organising them as building blocks in a miniature, condensed version of Croydon's spatial diversity, I created Croydon Collage. A re-suable, re-combinable little iconic symbol of the borough that is as colourful, symbolic and proud as Croydon itself rightly is of its brilliant past, exciting present, and beckoning future.

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