Hanging Jewelry Case


Designed in the same series as the "Mannered-Man-Pendant", this jewellery box is also hominoidal, with a series of four faces with different moods on each of its sides, and also hangs, but here more like a pendulum than a pendant.


It hangs from a chain, and can be suspended from any hook or ledge, swinging gently since all of its joints are movable. There will also be a foldable armature from which it can be hung when travelling.

There are two spheres of silver, above and below the main box, which act to maintain its centre of gravity so that it never leans out of line, whilst the lower, larger sphere is connected to the base of the box by a silver bar, which when held between two fingers, steadies the box so that its door can be opened with the other hand.


Slightly recessed inside the door is a lipped shelf, so that the case is divided vertically into two sections, and can contain several rings, and earrings. The main box is made of 9ct gold which has been laser-cut and then hand-assembled and finished. The bars, joints and spheres are silver.

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