Productive Exuberance


Productive Exuberance is the BA Architecture studio that I run at Central St Martinw which explores architecture -one typology at a time year by year, site by site- as the spatial manifestation of identity and culture, both individual and collective, in the urban environment. 2017-18 was taught with Julika Gittner and with the collaboration of SOM London.


Sean Brown 2017-18

Minh Le 2017-18

Daisy Lyu 2017-18

Isabella Haddad-Domingos

Zhicjeng Yang 2017-18

Xing Yang 2017-18

Yu Ren 2017-18

Candy Leung 2017-18

Adrian Peng 2016-17

Jiazhi Zhang 2016-17

Jiazhi Zhang 2016-17

Dahlia Subasi 2016-17

Alece Foden 2016-17

Chris Wall-Hayes 2016-17

Vivian Zhao 2016-17

Sky Moore-Clube 2016-17

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