Spoon Cups

illustration by Liam Cobb

Spoon Cups: A Toast to Simulated Intimacy



A commission for Disegno Magazine's fifth anniversary edition special project on the ritual of "Toasting"

Text from the article:

The efficacy of simulation is at the core of the architect and designer
Adam Nathaniel Furman?s toasting proposal. ?The toast is an artificial way
of marking closeness that operates a little like politeness in society,? he
says. ?You fake it until you make it, but that simulation can nevertheless
stand in for a profound moment.? Furman created glasses that are shaped
to slot together organically, mimicking the form of spooning human
bodies. The toast may be atavistic, Furman suggests, yet it is too vital
a reflection of human emotion to be abandoned. ?I?m a fan of design
silently embodying or representing complex human interactions,? he says.
?These vessels are fun, but they?re simultaneously taking on the idea
of the whole condition of toasting being a simulation of togetherness.?

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