Sir John Soane's Museum


A solo show at the Sir John Soane's Museum, London, September-December 2017, in which The Roman Singularity was presented in the UK for the first time, new plinths were created, and the Mural Capreeshio, and the sculpture Pasteeshio were commissioned. Curated by Owen Hopkins.


Photography by Gareth Gardner. The Roman Singularity website with all the stories and designs, and the film, can be visited HERE.

Below is the exhibition being featured at the start of BBC2 Front Row, hosted by Mary Beard on Saturday the 28th October 2017

Two prints in special editions of 10 were available for sale during the show, Pasteeshio Power (above) and Slices (below).

Capreeshio was the specially commissioned 5 metre long mural

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